Intro: Scholarship Acceptance

I received my acceptance for my first AFS scholarship today. I can't believe it!! I'm so excited, I practically screamed while telling my boyfriend.

I'm surprised I'm so excited now. My mom had to manipulate me to get me to agree to go in the first place. Now I can't wait for my acceptance. 

I've already been accepted for the Semester program, but there have been some holdups so I have yet to be accepted to a country. I'm so nervous!! I want to be accepted by AFS Italy!!!

My best-friend is so excited for me. Though we're all a bit irritated that I still don't know my host country. Grr... My dad keeps joking around, saying I'm going to get sent to Bulgaria. But I've already started (or at least tried) learning Italian!! It's such a beautiful language....

I'm actually rather amazed that all this scholarship really requires is a recommendation and blogging. I was planning on keeping a blog anyway so my friends know I'm still alive. And so they know I haven't totally forgotten about/replaced them.

Part of me is really sad to be leaving in the winter. But I'm still so excited!!!

Well, here goes nothing...

- A Dreamer