Qui in Italia

So... I'm in Italy... how bout that? I've been with my host family for three days... and I'm not as screwed as I should be. I mean, yeah my host mom understands no English and I speak almost no Italian, and the rest of my family understands little English and my Italian understanding is... ok. Not good, not bad, ok. 

I have to learn Italian ASAP but we knew that already. But now it's more important: I start school tomorrow. My phone, my computer, my Facebook, my EVERYTHING is in Italian right now. And I have my handy-dandy... NOTEBOOK. No. This isn't Blue's Clues. I have my cute little yellow English-Itlian, Italian-English dictionary. Cept now that my laptop is in Italian it tells me all my words are spelled wrong... -.-; oy vey...

I love my family though. They're really fun, nice people. My brothers act like you'd expect brothers to. (I've never really be around brothers this age though, my only brother is 9)

No io so... Il mio italiano e malo... molto malo... preferisco il spagnolo. Parlo il spagnolo molto bene. No posso pronunciare l'italiano... luglio (july) no posso dire "luglio"... *gah*

Anyway, I'm alive, I'm here, I got my suitcase back (it got lost on the way to JFK) and I'm being forced to learn Italian. 

Tutto e bene. :)


- A Dreamer

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